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About Diaper Cakes Bakery

Diaper Cakes Bakery™ is owned by a creative husband and wife team that thoroughly enjoys making baby gifts for new families all across America. And with the recent poor economy, they wanted to create a product that was specifically geared towards “budget” conscious people.

Diaper Cakes Bakery™ (or DCB for short) offers many adorable varieties and styles for people seeking diaper cakes for baby showers or baby gifts at affordable prices. Having been in business since 2011, they have become the number one service provider of diaper cakes in the Las Vegas area and are quickly rising to the top for being a serious competitor nationwide. Offering very fast 2-3 day nationwide delivery with Priority Mail, all of their products are “made to order” within 24 hours. Products are made within a sterile environment that includes being smoke free, pet free and use of sterile gloves.

The economy is pretty bad right now and there just isn’t anything out there that is affordable for many people. The average price right now for a 3 tier diaper cake is around $80.00… and that’s without shipping included. We really wanted to create a new line that looked really nice and one that people could actually afford.

So they thought about it for a while and continued to devise a plan that worked towards creating their newest line of affordable diaper cakes; whereby the quality wouldn’t be sacrificed and many folks would be able to afford it. They came up with a solution that seemed to work well… instead of creating the diaper cakes with many different baby items, they simply removed the items altogether and placed their focus on the overall presentation. This allows their customers to buy and add their own items to the diaper cakes for a more personal touch.

The main point was to make it affordable without sacrificing the quality. So our focus was design — build the structure and add ribbon to make it look great for presentation. Most people don’t want to build them because they don’t know how or they don’t have the time, but one thing they do want is affordability. By leaving out the baby items (ie: rattles, plush toys, blankets, etc.), it allows us to lower our prices. You can now buy a 4 tier diaper cake from us for less than what most 3 tier diaper cakes would cost from our main competitors online. So I think we achieved our goal. — says Mitch

Diaper Cakes Bakery™ offers a vast amount of diaper cakes ranging in many different styles and colors. Pink colors for baby girls, blue colors for baby boys and many neutral colors such as lavender, green and yellow that give people a choice for what’s best for them. They look great as they are and make wonderful centerpieces for baby showers or as a gift, but by having the ability to customize them yourself, it goes above and beyond what their competitors have to offer.

It works out good because people now have a choice if they want to add those extra baby items or not. We do offer some baby items (ie: plush toy bear, baby toys, pacifiers, etc.) as upgrades in the shopping cart upon placing an order, but the point was to keep our costs down and pass it onto the consumer. Creating a beautiful diaper cake that looks great *as is* by itself… and one that is affordable.

It’s also very easy to add your own baby items to the diaper cakes. Just simply unwrap the tulle or plastic bag and place your own baby items onto the cake itself. When you’re done, just wrap it back up with the tulle or plastic bag and it’s ready to go. It couldn’t be any easier because all the hard work has been done for you with the construction and ribbon decorations.

Our customers can order the baby gift from us and add their own baby items to the cakes once they receive them. It works out best because most folks can go to Walmart and buy many baby items for around $10-$20 and just place them onto the cake. We made it very simple to do. Now folks can add their own personal touch simply by choosing a theme and personalizing it once they receive it.says Mitch

Diaper Cakes Bakery™ currently offers 25 different styles and will continue creating many more different looks in the very near future. We invite everyone to browse our selections and give us a try. Diaper cakes make wonderful baby gifts for any new expecting mother, and with the competitive price tag you receive here, you simply can’t go wrong by choosing us.