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Diaper Cakes Fast Shipping

Diaper Cakes Fast ShippingBaby shower diaper cakes fast shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Get diaper cakes fast shipping on all our products delivered within 1-3 days. That’s one of the benefits you get when you order from us (please view exclusions below.)

Using Priority Mail For Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Fast Shipping

There is nothing more frustrating than to order your baby diaper cake and find out that it won’t arrive until 5-7 business days. And technically speaking, that’s usually 7-10 days because they don’t deliver on Saturdays. Not to mention it can leave their location up to 4-5 days later, which adds even more time to the delivery. There is a lot of competition out there, but you have to read between the lines.

Many competitors say if you want your diaper cakes delivered from them as fast as possible, you have to pay EXTRA for express delivery, which can sometimes cost more than the diaper cake itself… depending on where you live. But here, we strive to provide the best in customer satisfaction. We use our reliable United States Postal Service and ship our products to your door FAST using PRIORITY MAIL. That’s right — with our baby shower diaper cakes fast shipping, you can expect your diaper cakes to arrive within about 1-3 days, Monday – Saturday. How’s that for your baby diaper cake fast delivery?

All baby shower diaper cakes fast shipping often leave us within 24-48 hours of placing your order(s), and if it will take us longer, then we will contact you first and make sure you know when your gift will arrive. And if you live in the nearby North Las Vegas area, you can even pick it up if you like — the choice is yours. Just let us know that you’d like to pick it up instead and we’ll call you and provide you with directions. Things could not be any easier and more reliable with baby shower diaper cakes fast shipping than at Diaper Cakes Bakery™.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Fast Shipping Exclusions

HI, AK, APO, PR, Guam, etc. excluded. Transit times are not guaranteed and shipping costs are not refundable. Please understand that we do not ship to PO Boxes nor do we ship to Hospitals nor Internationally (outside of the US.). All diaper cakes come carefully packed with tulle, styrofoam peanuts and/or brown industrial strength paper to secure them.

Please understand that diapercakesbakery.net is not responsible for damage goods or transit times due to shipping. We pack our diaper cakes very securely and in a timely fashion, but we cannot be held accountable for when it leaves our place of business. Please refer to our Diaper Cake Guarantee for more information on this manner.

Last but not least, we ask that you understand if you place your order on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, they will not be shipped until the following Monday. USPS Priority Mail is closed on Sundays, and while they do drop off items on Saturdays, they don’t pick up items from us on Saturdays. We’re sure most people understand this — but we just wanted to put it out there anyway. 🙂

We know baby shower diaper cakes fast shipping is important and we look forward to taking your order.