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Lavender Cream Neutral

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If you want a neutral diaper cake for your baby shower, then have a peek at ours titled Lavender Cream. Designed in lavender and white colors, people will reward you for having such a fine-looking baby shower gift. This neutral diaper cake can make a gigantic impact if you’re looking for neutral diaper cakes and will be a gigantic hit! Bring it to the baby shower and your friends will glow, as will the new baby’s mother! Or just send it as a personal product and put a grin on the expecting mother’s face.

This neutral diaper cake is very secure as it sits upon a real cake liner used for real baby shower cakes. This makes it appear more fashionable and also helps with keeping it steady. Hidden wooden dowel sticks are added to keep it locked in its place. Little details such as shredded tissue paper for icing and multi-colored ribbons make our cake lurid and a show stopper.

And last but not least, we finalize our neutral diaper cake with delicate finishing touches, such as wrapping it in white tulle and adding a nice bow to bind to together. A custom recipe card is included so the recipient knows who this amazing cake was sent from… plus it also comprises the ingredients of this extraordinary cake. The ending stage is delivery the merchandise to you. We take great consideration and make sure the cardboard box it gets shipped in has foam peanuts inside it to secure all sides of the cake. You don’t want it to fall apart, do you? Well neither do we — which is why we pay careful attention to detail from quality to shipment..

The most excellent part about our neutral diaper cakes is that they’re already decorated by us and ready to travel as is… no need to add anything else. But we realize that some of you might desire to include some of your own personal items to the cake, and we have made it very trouble-free to do. Just have it shipped to your own address and open it up, unpack the tulle and add your own personal objects to the neutral diaper cake. Then when you’re finished, just seal it back up in the tulle and re-bind it with the bow and VOILA! You’re ready! It’s quick, trouble-free and joyful!

Lavender Cream Neutral Diaper Cake Transport

All of diaper cakes are MADE TO ORDER. We always prepare them after you order them. We take great pride and careful precautions for creating products within a sterile setting, which is why we make them once you place your order with us. Shipping your diaper cake is also vital, so we fasten it with styrofoam peanuts before we ship it out to you.

We use USPS PRIORITY MAIL for delivery out your Lavender Cream neutral diaper cake. Faster is always better and you won’t have to pay for *extra* expedited services because you will get your shipment within 1-3 days… starting within 24 hours of placing your order. That is very speedy shipping PLUS products get shipped on Saturdays as well. Just click on the link for more information regarding our diaper cakes fast transport policy.

Lavender Cream Neutral Diaper Cake Additional Items

Want to add some stuffed animals to your item? Want to spice it up a bit with more baby items? Well you can easily add other accessories at checkout to make your baby item complete. Just select a product and add it to your cart, then view your cart and see what other goodies can be added just before you checkout.

Don’t forget the elaborate objects when you checkout in your shopping cart to make your neutral diaper cake shine!

Size 3 Tier (40 Diapers), 4 Tier (70 Diapers)


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