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Lavender Swirl Neutral

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If you crave a neutral diaper cake for your baby shower, then have a glance at ours identified as Lavender Swirl. Created in lavender and green colors, people will compliment you for having such a lovely baby shower item. Our neutral diaper cake breaks the mold for neutral diaper cakes and will carry much joyfulness to a baby shower. New moms will love it and so will you!

How about a real cake liner to hold this fantastically decorated neutral diaper cake? You got it! The cake liner provides that professional patina and helps to move it from one place to another. Concealed wooden dowel sticks are added to keep it secure in its place. Little details such as shredded tissue paper for frosting and multi-colored ribbons make our cake vivacious and a show stopper.

For the final touches, we seal this exquisite neutral diaper cake in white tulle and tie it with a bow. A custom recipe card is included so the recipient knows who this magnificent present was despatched from… plus it also features the ingredients of this extraordinary cake. The cake is then placed carefully within a sturdy cardboard box, stuffed with foam peanuts and/or brown industrial strength paper to solidify its protected shipment to you.

The cool part about our neutral diaper cakes is that they’re already adorned by us and ready to travel as is… no need to add anything else. Conversely, anyone can combine their own little exceptional objects once they receive the parcel, if that’s what you want to do. Just have it shipped to your own home and open it up, open the tulle and affix your own personal items to the neutral diaper cake. Then when you’re completed, just enclose it back up in the tulle and re-fasten it with the bow and VOILA! You’re done! It’s quick, painless and joyful!

Lavender Swirl Neutral Diaper Cake Delivery

All of diaper cakes are MADE TO ORDER. There are no pre-made cakes here waiting to be transported as we build them when you order them. We always want to make sure your product is created within a sterile setting, which is why we make them once you place your order with us. Each diaper cake is then packed neatly into a large cardboard transport box and packed securely with foam peanuts and/or brown industrial strength paper.

Most of our competitors take 5-7 business days to distribute their cakes, but we use Priority Mail to distribute your Lavender Swirl neutral diaper cake. This means that you will get it within 1-3 days after it has left our facilities, which often occurs within 24 hours after you place your order. That is very rapid shipping PLUS packages get shipped on Saturdays as well. Just click on the link for more information regarding our diaper cakes fast shipping policy.

Lavender Swirl Neutral Diaper Cake Accessories

How about accessorizing your present to make it more complete? Want to spice it up a bit with more baby accessories? Well you can easily add other goods at checkout to make your baby product complete. Just select a product and add it to your cart, then view your cart and see what other things can be added just before you checkout.

Don’t forget the elaborate accessories when you checkout in your shopping cart to make your neutral diaper cake shine!

Size 3 Tier (40 Diapers), 4 Tier (70 Diapers)


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