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Pink Dasha Girl

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Our diaper cake named Pink Dasha can really set the stage with its lurid pink, yellow, brown and white theme colors. This girl diaper cake is a perfect gift amongst diaper cakes for girls and will sparkle at your next baby shower! It also makes a favorable gift for any new baby’s mom on an individual basis and will be a topic of discussion for many years to come.

This girl diaper cake is very protected as it sits upon a real cake liner used for real baby shower cakes. This makes it appear more chic and also helps with keeping it steady. Unseen wooden dowel sticks are added to keep it protected in its place. Little details such as shredded tissue paper for frosting and multi-colored ribbons make our cake luminous and a show stopper.

For the final touches, we enclose this charming girl diaper cake in white tulle and fix it with a bow. A custom recipe card is integrated so the recipient knows who this astonishing item was sent from… plus it also features the ingredients of this extraordinary cake. Your cake is then placed in a sturdy cardboard delivery box packed with styrofoam peanuts. This will make certain that your gift gets shipped in the safest manner possible without being crushed from being rocked back and forth during transport.

The neat part about our diaper cake for girls is that they’re already created by us and ready to travel as is… no need to add anything else. Nonetheless, anyone can put in their own little unique things once they receive the package, if that’s what you want to do. Just have it shipped to your own house and open it up, undo the tulle and add your own personal things to the girl diaper cake. Then when you’re finished, just enclose it back up in the tulle and re-fasten it with the bow and VOILA! You’re finished! It’s fast, easy and enjoyable!

Pink Dasha Girl Diaper Cake Shipping and Handling

All of diaper cakes are MADE TO ORDER. This means that we do not have them made already sitting on some shelf ready to be shipped. We take notable pride and careful precautions for creating items within a sterile setting, which is why we make them once you place your order with us. Every diaper cake is then secured tightly with styrofoam and taped up solid to solidify secure arrival.

Being delivered with Priority Mail via the US Post Office assures fast delivery for your Pink Dasha girl diaper cake. Faster is always better and you won’t have to pay for *extra* expedited services because you will get your shipment within 1-3 days… starting within 24 hours of placing your order. That is very speedy delivery PLUS packages get shipped on Saturdays as well. Just click on the link for more information regarding our diaper cakes fast delivery policy.

Size 3 Tier (40 Diapers), 4 Tier (70 Diapers)